In celebration of God's grace, through the work of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to loving God, loving our neighbor, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people.
-- The Great Commandment, Matthew 22:37-39, and The Great Commission, Matthew 28:18-20


Therefore, our mission is to:

P - Proclaiming God through Word and Sacrament, responding with Prayer and Praise
(through Worship and Prayer)

E - Encouraging one another with authentic Christian fellowship
(through Fellowship and Care)

A - Advancing the Kingdom by sharing our faith in Christ as Savior and Lord
(through Outreach and Mission)

C - Challenging one another to grow in Christ by learning God's Word
(through Education and Discipleship)

E - Equipping one another to serve in the church, community and world in the name of Christ (through Service and Human Resources)


We will be shaped by this Calling, and we will give thanks as Jesus Christ transforms the people, the programs, and the plans of Peace Church according to His Will.


In order to move us closer to completing that mission, we recognize four elements of community life here at Peace, each aspect growing out of each other.


Our vision for Peace Church is to:

1. Mobilize leaders so that the work of elders and deacons will be primarily people-oriented, instead of focused on systems and policy.  Our elders and deacons will lead us to increase the:


2. Unconditional love and support for our Church family, providing a place where people are connected to one another, where burdens are shared and encouragement is expected. This will allow us to show:


3. Unconditional love for our neighbors.  We will be aware of the greatest needs in our community, both directly surrounding Peace Church, as well as our own neighborhoods.  We will have the backing and the resources of our church to offer Jesus as the source of hope and healing at the point of each person’s need.  As a result, we will enjoy:


4. Frequent celebrations of new life in Christ.  Each of us will expect to participate in the conversion of people to a saving knowledge of Jesus on a regular basis.  With God working through each of us personally, we will be able to identify new brothers and sisters who have come to salvation in Jesus.


Our vision, then, is to:

Mobilize leaders who will support a caring congregation,

allowing us to address the needs in our community,

resulting in more people being saved by Jesus Christ.


Approved by Council on March 13, 2014 (Click here for a link to a more detailed version of this document.)