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Disagreement in Unity: Discussing Tough Topics


There seem to be no end of topics and subjects that divide the nation, churches, and even families.  Anger, distrust, and resentment grow as we take and defend our positions, trying to prove one another wrong.

But the body of Christ is and always will be one, even if we don't always act like it.  Our unity is not based on the need for everyone to agree.  Our unity is found in Jesus.  In that unity, we are able to find a common ground, even on the most difficult subjects.

Under the leadership of our council, our church continues to discuss difficult topics, arriving at truth with which we all can agree.  Using scripture to guide us, we have tried to listen in humility, to learn from each other, and arrive at a place where we all can meet.  Join us as we confront difficult topics as the unified body of Christ.