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The elders give spiritual leadership to the church, encouraging every member to continue to grow deeper into the love of God. To do that, elders need:

  • An advanced and growing knowledge of scripture and theology
  • Willingness to give leadership to the people of their church.

To support this ministry, you are encouraged to explore the following resources:

Tools and Assessments




Bible Knowledge Assessment - Old Testament
The Bible
Church Systems
Make a hospital visit
Bible Knowledge Assessment - New Testament
How To Read The Bible Book By Book
Help lead a membership class
Reformed Theology Assessment
How To Read The Bible Through The Jesus Lens
Pray for a month for God to lead you to someone you can train to be an elder
Church Polity Assessment
Elder Handbook
Elders affirm God's leading for your mentee
Biblical Theme Survey
Church Order of the Christian Reformed Church
Ask if person would consider training
90 Percent of Helping is Just Showing Up
Reformed: What It Means, Why It Matters