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We hope you’ll find the resources shown below helpful for your relationship with Jesus. Just click on the title for each type of document and it will open a pdf that you can download and print.
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WHY 2020?
Why Suffering? Grief
What is going on with 2020? Why, in general, do we suffer?  Click here for a summary of C.S. Lewis' "The Problem of Pain" and see what God is doing when our lives become difficult.
Bible Reading

We know that reading the Bible is supposed to be good for us, but sometimes it's hard to get going. We tend to either stick with the parts we already know, or get lost in the ancient and confusing language.
To support your engagement with God through His Word, explore the following resources:

RightNow Media


RightNow Media is a Christian video resources that Peace Church subscribes to.

Here are just some of the video topics/speakers available:

  • Children such as VeggieTales, Owlegories, and Storybook
  • Marriage - Emerson Eggerich and Francis Chan
  • Parenting - Paul Tripp, Kevin Leman
  • Finances - Dave Ramsey, Randy Alcorn
  • Bible Studies - Tim Tebow, David Platt, Louie Giglio, Renee Swope, Liz Curtis Higgs, Nancy Guthrie
  • Bible Studies by Books of the Bible, topics for Men and Women

This is just the beginning ...

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