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At Peace Church we encourage every member to:

• Pray and reflect on the Bible every day, expecting to meet God.

• Promptly act on nudges from the Holy Spirit.

• Know your spiritual gifts

• Participate in a small group of believers for growth and accountability.

• Faithfully give of your time, talents, and treasures for Christ’s Kingdom.

• Befriend someone on a journey to God.

• Bless those in need locally and globally.

• Share your faith with unchurched friends


To help, we encourage everyone to use the following tools and resources:


Tools and Assessments



Practical Christian Living
The Bible
Scripture Memory
Bible Knowledge Assessment - Old Testament
Mere Christianity 
Practice Sabbath
Bible Knowledge Assessment - New Testament
The Critical Journey
Discipling and Being Discipled
Faith Journey Survey
The Art of Neighboring
Spiritual Disciplines
Spiritual Gifts
What It Means To Be Reformed
Financial Stewardship
Biblical Stewardship
Invite Someone to Come to Church with You in the Next Year


Click here to download a tracker to help mark your progress through the plan