World Wide Ministries


Peace Church believes in being faithful to Jesus' command to "Go and Make Disciples of All Nations"  (Matthew 28:19) and "Love Your Neighbor" (Mark 12:31).  To this end, Peace Church supports the following missionaries locally and globally through prayer, encouragement, and financial support. Some of these ministries receive financial support through regular offerings. Individuals personally commit to support the others through prayer and personal contributions




Marcia Bleeker Serving in Chad, Africa with Wycliffe Bible Translators

Marcia Bleeker works with the Kuo people in Central Africa for Wycliffe Bible Translators and Summer Institute of Linguistics. The Wycliffe Bible Translators’ goal is to bring the Gospel to people around the world by translating the Bible into the local languages. To do so, Marcia lives with the people of a community for many years, learning their language, developing an alphabet for it, and translating the Bible.


Kristen & Lemsanya Tisho Serving in Berega, Tanzania with TMS Global (formerly The Mission Society)

Tisho is the director of the Berega Orphanage. This orphange is for infants whose mothers have died. They are cared for by a family member at the orphanage. The staff trains the family member how to care for the infant through nutrition.The orphanage Kituo cha Patmo is located in the village of Berega, in the middle of the Ukaguru mountains in the southern part of the Tanzanian massif Tanzania. Running the Race (Kristen's blog)   β€‹β€‹β€‹


Dan & Lisa Van Zoest, Serving in Managua, Nicaragua with Resonate Global Mission (formerly Christian Reformed World Missions)

Dan is part of Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA’s) international administrative team. He enjoys spending much of his time working with students as a mentor, teacher, and small group leader. Together Dan and Lisa have facilitated small groups on marriage and parenting conferences. Their family has served at a local orphanage. NCA partners with Christian parents in forming active disciples of Jesus Christ, equipped to impact society through the development of their spiritual discernment, moral courage and academic excellence. NCA ministers to almost 1,000 students in Nicaragua.  β€‹Van Zoest Family Blog


Local Community Outreach Organizations


Dr. Thomas (Tom) Wolthuis, Serving in Iowa City, Iowa with Geneva Campus Ministry

Dr. Thomas Wolthuis is the Director of Geneva Campus Ministry. He has served as a pastor; a church planter; a college professor in theology, youth ministry and communications; a campus pastor; and a campus administrator. He has lived in Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, Iowa, Zambia, Canada, Lithuania, and Kansas. He has a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Duke University, and M.Div. and Th.M. from Calvin Theological Seminary, and a B.A. in Philosophy from Calvin College.


Chaplain Dave Potter, Serving in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with Fresh Start Ministries

Chaplain Dave offers personal, private and confidential counseling for individuals incarcerated in the Linn County Correctional Center (County Jail) and the Linn County Juvenile Detention Center. He also provides support and counseling to the staff of the Linn County Corrections systems. Weekly worship services are also provided at the Correctional Center and at the Juvenile Detention Center. Volunteer opportunities for Bible studies, mentorship and prayer support are available.


We also support the following area ministries with our time and offerings: