Our Worship Style

Worship at Peace Church is directed first toward God. Worship is expressed according to His expectations and requirements, as communicated through Scripture. Worship, we understand, is a dialog between us and God, with God having the first word and we responding gratefully through song and prayer. Worship is centered around the Word of God. Each element of the worship service, singing, praying, offering our gifts, confessing our sins, the celebration of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, prepares us to hear God speak out of His Bible.


Within God’s will for appropriate worship, we recognize a vast diversity of styles, which are reflected each week in our worship services. Following the Holy Spirit's direction, worship flows out of the mosaic of personalities which make up this church. Different styles converge into a unity of worship. Each Sunday is different. Sometimes the guitar and drum are used to praise, and sometimes we sing without any instruments. Classic hymns are mixed with contemporary songs. Our desire is for the dialog of worship to be genuine and authentic, sincere and spontaneous. In true worship, worship in Spirit and in truth, we are transformed, energized and empowered to serve our Lord in His world.