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Global Missions

Peace Church believes in being faithful to Jesus' command to "Go and Make Disciples of All Nations"  (Matthew 28:19) and "Love Your Neighbor" (Mark 12:31). To this end, Peace Church supports the following missionaries locally and globally through prayer, encouragement, and financial support. Some of these ministries receive financial support through regular offerings. Individuals personally commit to support the others through prayer and personal contributions. The first Sunday of each month, we have the opportunity to give of our offerings in support of Global Missions/Local Causes/Community Resources.


Kristen & Lemsanya Tisho Serving in Berega, Tanzania
serve with TMS Global (formerly The Mission Society)
as Directors of Berega Orphanage


Tisho is the director of the Berega Orphanage. This orphanage is for infants whose mothers have died. Berega was designed as a unique orphanage. Each child who lives at Berega must be accompanied by a “binti,” or caregiver. Often, the grandmother or older sister of an infant comes to live at the orphanage. Children are allowed to stay at Berega until they are two years old. The staff trains the family member how to care for the infant through nutrition. The orphanage Kituo cha Patmo is located in the village of Berega, in the middle of the Ukaguru mountains in the southern part of the Tanzanian massif Tanzania. Running the Race (Kristen's blog)


“We have found that Berega’s design has benefited the children in several ways,” said Kristen. “The kids have less attachment issues when they leave the orphanage since they are leaving with their binti. This helps the kids adjust more quickly when they return to their home village. “In addition, the bintis learn how to care for the children, so we feel confident that someone will be there for each child when he or she returns home.”
Our Mission

To provide newborn orphans -- primarily those who lost their mother in childbirth - with reliable compassionate care for the crucial first two years of life. Most of our children come from very simple village settings where the remaining family can not provide care for newborns.  

Provide quality care to newborns
  • Babies receive formula for the first year of life​
  • One-on-one care provided by binti with oversight of staff
  • Medical care and medical insurance
  • Playtime and toys to help with development
Education and skill building classes for bintis
  • Literacy classes
  • Training in farming
  • Sewing classes
  • Training in proper infant care, nutrition, good hygiene, etc.
Disciple bintis
  • Daily devotions​
  • Weekly prayer meeting
  • Bible studies and seminars
“Our hope and prayer,” said Kristen, “is that the children and caregivers who come to Berega will experience the love of Jesus and gain the tools they need to prosper when they return home.”


Dan & Lisa Van Zoest
serve with Resonate Global Missions
in Managua, Nicaragua 

Dan is part of Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA’s) international administrative team. He enjoys spending much of his time working with students as a mentor, teacher, and college advisor. Together Dan and Lisa have facilitated small groups on marriage and parenting conferences. NCA partners with Christian parents in forming active disciples of Jesus Christ, equipped to impact society through the development of their spiritual discernment, moral courage and academic excellence. NCA ministers to more than 1,000 students in Nicaragua.  Van Zoest Family Blog


Nicaragua Christian Academy's vision is to partner with Christian parents in forming active disciples of Jesus Christ, equipped to impact society through the development of their spiritual discernment, moral courage and academic excellence.  NCA is ministering to over1,000 students in the country of Nicaragua through its three schools: NCA International (2001), NCA Nejapa (2005), and NCA Matagalpa (2013).  All three of the schools include preschool through high school.   



Dan is a part of NCA International's administrative team and he enjoys spending much of his time working with students as a mentor, teacher, and college advisor.  Together Dan and Lisa have facilitated small groups on marriage and they have also hosted marriage and parenting conferences in Nicaragua.  Rebekah (1999) and Will (2001) have also ministered in Nicaragua by serving at an orphanage and by leading a small group of younger kids at NCA. 


About Dan & Lisa

God has been working in our lives and moving our hearts toward mission work for a number of years. Our calling became more specific in 2007 when God brought Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA) to our attention. When we visited Nicaragua in 2008, we witnessed the poverty of many of the people and their need for strong, authentic, Christian leadership. We spent time with missionaries who trained Nicaraguan pastors and leaders, facilitated youth camps, ran orphanages, and led women and young girls to leave lives of prostitution. Many of the missionaries involved in these ministries either have children currently attending NCA or have children that graduated from NCA. It was also exciting to learn more about how NCA works to inspire and equip Nicaraguan children to develop Christ–centered leadership skills that will be used to impact their country.  It is clear that Nicaragua Christian Academy is making a difference in the lives of the children in Nicaragua. 

Peace CRC:  It is a joy for us to think back to how our relationship with your church body began when Rebekah was 2 and Will was 1.  And now, Rebekah is 23 and Will is almost 22!  We would have never thought over 20 years ago that we would later have another child (Daniel) join our family through adoption.  Thank you for all the years you have traveled with us, loving and encouraging us through moments of struggle and celebrating with us through moments of wonder at how God is at work.  Thank you for your prayers and for your generous financial support.  We are grateful to be working as a team. ~ Thank you so much!  Dan & Lisa Van Zoest, November 21, 2022



Darius & Wealee Nupolu
serve with Partners Worldwide & FFLEW
in Liberia, West Africa from Iowa, USA

In 2020, Peace Church began a new venture with members Darius & Wealee Nupolu and Partners Worldwide.  In January, Darius, along with Brent D, Russ M and Ray Middel of Partners Worldwide and Jeremiah Yongo, West Africa Regional Partnership manager, all met in Lofa County, Liberia.


The Nupolus are working with family and friends back in Liberia to begin a new self-sustaining farming venture in northern Liberia as well as a microfinance project in Monrovia, Liberia which is called "Future Farmers of Liberia Empowerment for Women" (FFLEW).   



Fighting poverty in developing countries through relationships with Partners Worldwide, North American businesspeople, and entrepreneurs. Partners Worldwide's mission is to mobilize long-term, hands-on global relationships to form a powerful Christian network that uses businesses as the way to create flourishing economic environments in all parts of the world. 

Dear Deacons of Peace CRC:  On behalf of all of us at Partners Worldwide, thank you for your faithful and generous support of our partner FFLEW in Liberia.
They are working diligently in this community, providing sustainable livelihoods, food, and hope for the people they service.
Thank you for walking alongside each of these families!
~ Ray Middel, Director of Global Engagement, Partners Worldwide, April 1, 2024 ~
Dear Peace CRC:  Thank you for your generous gift.  You are part of the Partners Worldwide global network working to end poverty so that all may have life and have it abundantly!  Your commitment makes this work possible.  You are encouraging the work of hundreds of entrepreneurs who have created more than 285,000 jobs in more than 30 countries.  Thousands of families can now feed, clothe, and educate their children, support churches, and provide for the “least of these” in their cities and nations.  You are helping to provide satisfying work for people living in poverty and partnering with locally-rooted organizations to strengthen their communities.  I am honored to call you a partner, and we deeply appreciate your generosity and dedication to the ministry of Partners Worldwide.
~ Sincerely, Bob Vryhof, President/CEO, Partners Worldwide, March 21, 2024 ~


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