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The ministry of preaching is shared between the pastor and those who are called to serve in their specific church. A preacher has:

  • Advanced and growing knowledge of scripture and theology
  • Ability to craft a gospel-centered sermon that is accessible by the listeners

To support this ministry, you are encouraged to explore the following resources:

Tools and Assessments



Bible Knowledge Assessment - Old Testament
The Bible
Plan an event
Bible Knowledge Assessment - New Testament
How To Read The Bible Book By Book
Identify the next leader to be mentored
Reformed Theology Assessment
Foundations of the Christian Faith
Write a three page summary, double spaced, for each book. Two pages should be a summary of the reading, one page should consist of your reaction, including the aspects of the book you appreciated, and the aspect of the book you found weak.
Biblical Theme Survey
How To Read The Bible Through The Jesus Lens
For each book of the Bible, write a two to three sentence summary that describes each of the following:
Literary Genre
Historical Context
Canonical Context
Theological Purpose
Christological connection
Covenantal connection
Theology - Knowing God - Packer
Identify next leader to be mentored
Anthropology - Not The Way It’s Supposed To Be - Plantinga
Christology - The Cross of Christ – Stott
Soteriology - Saved By Grace – Hoekema
Ecclesiology - The Emotionally Healthy Church – Scazzero
Ecclesiology -When The Church Was Family – Hellerman
Eschatology - The Bible On The Life Hereafter – Hendrickson
Eschatology - The Meaning of the Millennium - Clouse
Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms – Grenz, Guretzki, Nording
Preaching – The Four Pages of the Sermon - Wilson
An Introduction to the Old Testament – Dillard, Longman
An Introduction to the New Testament – Carson, Moo, Morris
Church Order of the Christian Reformed Church
On Being Reformed - I. John Hesslink
What It Means To Be Reformed - What It Means, Why It Matters - Robert DeMoor
90 percent of Helping Is Just Showing up